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Skate Sharpening

On the EDGE Sports uses the Maximum Edge™ Finishing Process. This sharpening and profiling process is used by the NHL, AHL, Major College and even Olympic teams.

The MAXIMUM EDGE™ Process gives the following benefits:

  • Less friction = less fatigue.
    We take extra care of making sure we provide the smoothest blade surface a sharpening can provide. This helps the skater to not dig as deeply into the ice, or in other words have less friction, which will help keep their legs fresh.

  • NO break-in period after sharpening.
    With other sharpening processes, it may take a few minutes or even a whole session to adjust to the blades. There is no “dulling down” period with this sharpening method. Blades come away consistent and ready to fly.

  • NO skate chatter on stops.
    Newly sharpened blades will often chatter on stops due to their rougher edges trying to dig into the ice. With the Maximum Edge™ procedure, only smooth stopping will occur, so don’t be alarmed.

  • Better control, turns, flow and acceleration.
    When using the Maximum Edge™ sharpening process, skaters will enjoy better control over their skating. The smoothness of the blades helps skaters to not edge out on turns. Our process allows for the maximum amount of blade to be in contact with the ice. More blade = More speed. Also, blades won’t dig as deeply into the ice, providing more glide. More glide = More speed.

  • Blades stay sharper, longer.
    Skaters do not have to change their skating style to compensate for edges as they break down. The result is less fatigue and injury, and of course fewer times you need to sharpen the blades.

  • Consistency in sharpening.
    We use the same exact process every time we sharpen a pair of skates. Skates will be done to the desired hollow and perform exactly the same every time you get them done. If you find otherwise, just bring them back and we will re-do them.

  • NO burrs NO accidents.
    The elimination of sharp burrs creates a safer edge reducing in the number of accidental cuts. Blades that have not been finished by the Maximum Edge™ have these burrs and foreign material re-deposited by machine sharpening. The burrs and foreign material break off the first time the skates are used leaving sharp pockets which result in skate release, poor performance and a jagged blade with greater potential to cut the skater, their equipment and even others!

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