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Skate Profiling (Rockering & Contouring)

A blade profile refers to the shape of the blade which determines blade/ice contact and a skater's center of gravity. The blade profile (shape) is determined by the skater's skating style (long stride or constantly edging), position, height and weight. The blade pitch (height) is also checked as part of the profiling process. (see below for more)


  • Improves skater's performance. A profiled skate gives the skater a custom desired feel. We profile the skate to the skater's preferences, granting them the best possible blade surface according to their specifications. This allows better skater control, the number one factor in skating.

  • Aligns the body over the skates to help reduce unwanted physical stress. The profiling system provides a balance and n improved center of gravity, resulting in greater maneuverability and increased speed. The profile works with a skater's ability instead of creating body compensations and added physical stress. The more accurate the center of gravity, the better the skater's balance and performance.

Blade Pitch

  • If the height of the toe center is MORE than the heel center, the skater will have to lean forward to compensate.

  • If the height of the toe center is LESS than the heel center, the skater will have to lean backward to compensate.

(Different skate manufacturers all have their own individual pitch differences- some pitch the skater further forward than others. This profiling process can help achieve the skater’s desired pitch, without harming the integrity of the skate boot.)

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